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I am a person (proof of this fact is left to the reader) who has been granted an internet connection and uses it extensively for assorted purposes. I enjoy many things, most of which involve manipulating some state according to various sets of rules.


GEORGE is a webring of which I am a member. Use the standard-issue GEORGEbox below to view the GEORGE homepage or access the previous and next members in the ring.

Other places I exist

Email: trimill012 ("at" sign) gmail (full stop) com
Discord: trimill#6898
Forgejo: trimill
GitHub: trimill
Youtube: trimill

Source code & attribution

The source code for this website is available on my Forgejo instance and is released under the GNU GPLv3 free and open-source license. It is built using the Flask web framework and incorporates icons from Open Iconic. The memetic apioform page was not involved at all in this site's creation, yet for some reason I feel compelled to link it here.