Recently, Gitea (which I had previously been using to self-host my git server) has found itself under the control of a for-profit organization. As often happens after occurrences like these, it was quickly forked into Forgejo (/forˈd͡ʒ, which is community-governed rather than being run by a corporation. (sidenote: gitea itself was originally a fork of another project called gogs and was created due to disagreements over governance. oh how history repeats itself!)

Switching from Gitea to Forgejo proved to be very easy. Forgejo isn't yet available in any Debian repos, so I had to install it manually and create a new systemd service for it (this can be done trivially by copying and modifying gitea.service). After this was done, everything Just Worked™ and through the whole process I only experienced a minute or two of downtime.

So far Forgejo includes some new themes and privacy enhancements, but they plan on adding ForgeFed support soon which will be quite cool.

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