zzcxz visualizer help

each node represents one zzcxz page. clicking on a node will load all of the pages it links to.

two nodes are connected with an arrow if one of them links to the other. nodes and arrows colored blue represent redirects. after a node has been clicked it will turn more gray to indicate that all of its outgoing links have been loaded.

you may click and drag on nodes to move them around, or on the page itself to pan. use the scroll wheel to zoom.

the root node (by default, the zzcxz page itself) is colored green.

click the double chevron link at the top-left corner to expand and collapse the user interface. this allows you to load pages from their id, or to reset the graph completely. if you select a node by right-clicking it, information about it will also show up here. deselect by pressing esc.

if you append ?skip to the URL of the main page, it will bypass the spoiler warning.

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